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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  September 6, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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soldier and his daughter. . >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening it's thursday september 6th. this is bay area news at 7:00. the stage is set tonight at the democratic national convention. where president obama set to take the stage within the hour for his acceptance speech. happening now we'll give you a live look at the convention hall in charlotte north carolina. vice president joe biden is expected to conclude his speech in just minutes. president obama is expect to speak in about fifteen minutes. two hours ago former arizona congress woman gabrielle recited an emotional pledge of allegiance. craig has a look at the day's other highlights. >> reporter: a celebratory
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tone. the delegates were mindful of the job they're here today. >> it's my great honor to place into nomination for the office of vice president of the united states, my father, my hero, joe biden. >> other key speakers tonight. caroline kennedy, the daughter of former president john. if kennedy. >> over the past four years we've had a president that's committed himself and administration the values that made america break. >> 2004 presidential nominee john carry. >> mitt romney doesn't know about foreign policy. but he has all these neocon advisors who know all the wrong things about foreign policy. he would rely on them, after all he's the great out sourcer. >> the finale of the convention was originally planned to be held at the outdoor football stadium. but it was moved back inside to the time warner table arena a
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smaller venue because of possible thunderstorms. on a conference call president obama called the situation disappointing. at the democratic national convention craig boswell channel two news. >> in san francisco people were gathering early for a convention west party. at the temple nightclub. organizers say the free event is expected to be one of the largest parties in the country. some 600 people are expected to watch president obama accept the nomination. republican nominee mitt romney says he has no plans to watch the president's speech tonight. he made a surprise appearance in new hampshire. president obama has failed to keep his promises to veterans. romney has been keeping a low profile. rehearsing for next months debate. you can get more coverage including a live stream of tonight's convention speeches. two schools and a daycare center were put on lock down in bay point. after a man was shot to death
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nearby. the shooting happened near inlet drive and marina road. the sheriff's office has not released the victim's identity. parents lined up at one of those schools that was locked down. parents were there to pick up their children. in addition to the school lock down neighbors were told to go inside and lock their own doors and windows while authorities searched for the gunman. a search is under way for a missing 20-year-old. brett olson went rafting last weekend but became separated from friends and never returned. live now in lafayette where people are mobilizing to try and find out what happened. john? >> reporter: this is a community anxious to find a loved one. here at the high school which is brett olsons alma mater these posters are posted. the concern is palpable. >> this kind offer incident will bring emotion and anxiety and stress in the students. so that's kind of what we're thinking about is how do we
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support the kids, what can we do to help the family. 20-year-old brett olson is a 2010 graduate. those who were freshman remember him well. >> everyone new who brett was he seemed like a great out going guy. i think everyone is really hoping for the best. >> he was visiting friends last weekend. they went intertubing on the sacramento river on sunday. he was last seen at bear can beach. >> he swam when he was a kid. he was a certified life guard. so all that bodes well. >> that was olson piece father two days ago. chris bloom is a close friend who's son was there on sunday. >> my son said he spent the whole time on the beach looking for brett not because he thought he was missing but because he wanted to see him like everybody else. but then he disappeared. >> this is the facebook page let's bring brett home. which now has close to 50,000 friends many of whom are
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students. >> everybody's looking at it like we'll bring him home. we'll find him. let's come together and do work finding him. >> students made a sign this afternoon to hang on a free way over pass. >> i know they're going to find him. we're all trying to be positive and optimistic. i want to look back and say i was a part of that. >> that sign of hillside shows a picture of a heart and brett's name. the search has ended. now the effort is focused in downtown chico there is a five thousand dollar reward offered for his safe return. starting picture brandon under went surgery after getting it in the head bay line drive. he was struck on the right side of his head. he fell to the ground. the ct scan revealed a skull fracture and internal bleeding a. neurosurgeon performed surgery on his head. the ct scan today showed
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improvement. and mccarthy is said to be stable and alert at a local hospital. a man killed in oakland is the grandson of emeryville's first african american mayor. police responded to a 911 call on west mcarthur. that's where 24-year-old rashal was shot multiple times and died. his grandfather was the late robert lee savage. his grandmother theresa savage said she raised him and doesn't know why someone would shoot him. police were called to a second homicide in east oakland a. 33-year-old man was found with a gunshot wound to the chest near 23 avenue. he was pronounced dead at the scene just after 2:00 p.m. this is oakland's 83rd homicide of the year. an unusual rescue in san jose this morning we got exclusive picture of crews lifting 32-
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year-old corona out of a reel jam. he got stuck between two walls when he fell off a roof between 2:00 a.m. it took rescuers 90 minutes to free him between buildings there. corona was trying to hide after being pursued for speeding and causing a hit and run accident last night. california highway patrol officers pause to honor the patrol man killed in the line of duty. >> september 5th 2012. >> this ceremony was held at the highway patrol academy in west sacramento. rob ross reports on the out pouring of grief there and the officers final gift of life. >> reporter: people brought ourselves from the california highway patrol headquarters out of respect for officer canyon
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youngstrom and out of sorrow. >> i was dragging a trailer and i didn't have it hooked up right. he just told me that i needed to rig it correctly. >> officer youngstro was 37 he was shot tuesday near alamo. the gunman 36-year-old christopher lacy was fatally wounded bay second chp officer. lacy's parents that live in oregon came to the bay area and met with investigators today. we spoke by phone this afternoon with christopher's uncle william lacy who lived in connecticut. he told us quote the family is devastated. the family feels horrible about the officer who died the uncle also said his nephew distanced himself from his family and confirmed christopher was bipolar. still quote this came as a complete surprise and shot. flags began flying at half staff at the martinez chp and throughout california. >> those guys go out everyday and put their lives on the line
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for us. and they get the appreciation they deserve. >> officer youngstrom has committed one last act of public service he's donated his organs to help other. ktvu channel two news. >> youngstrom's family released this statement. canyon was always giving to others and serving others and a chp officer. and in his life with us. our grief is overwhelming but in a special way kenyon carries on in helping others. their thoughts and condolences are posted on our facebook page. share your feelings on facebook. market around the world raleighed today after the european central bank agreed to buy bonds of struggling countries. mario dragy announced the program in frank nothing further. there will be no set limit on how much the bank will buy. that sent markets soaring across the earth and here in
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the united states. the dow jumped 244 points that's the highest close for the dow in more than four and a half years. nasdaq added 66 points. it's best quota since november of 2000 they were also lifted by signs that hiring may be picking up. to a seasonally adjusted 65,000. the less volatile four week average picked up to 371,000. adp says u.s. businesses added 201,000 jobs last month. the most since march. the august jobs report is due out tomorrow. a third person died from hunta virus. health officials stay victim was from west virginia and visited the park in june. eight people who visited yosemite this summer have come down with the virus. three have died. seven victims stayed in a
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specific tent cabin at curly village. one stayed in a high sierra camp. they're warning visitors about possible exposure to the virus. the high school jim is is the scene of this emotional home coming the long wait that ended for one girl with a dad serving over seas. and a popular hamburger chain is feeling the heat tonight. it's response to a lawsuit that alleges discrimination. >> a beautiful sunset this thursday evening. coming off the neighborhoods it will cool off into the upper 40s. and the warmest day of the upcoming weekend. so... [ gasps ]
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. >> traffic to a halt in redwood city. as crews investigate add report of lying down. the chp closed down the highway
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in both directions at about 10:15 thinking it might be a downed power line. it turned out to be a fiberoptics cable. the lanes re opened about 45 minutes later. a high flying landmark will be missed for a while. the operators of feed and supply say vandals swiped an american flag from their silos again last weekend. it's the third time this year the flag has disappeared. managers say the property is fenced in. and that's it's disheartening the vandals keep breaking in. they're hoping for more police paroles but a new flag will not go up. a soldier who's served three tours of duty returned home from afghanistan. kara lu was there for the happy homecoming after he hadn't seen his daughter in more than two years. >> escorted to the middle
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school he once attended. >> it's great to be here. >> army specialist wanted more than anything to surprise his 13-year-old daughter, brooke. [ cheering and applause ] >> i missed you. >> i missed you too. [ cheering and applause ] . >> that big bear hug said it all. >> i just thought you know like oh maybe it's somebody else's dad or uncle or cousin or brother or something. and then as he got closer i was like oh my gosh that's him. >> i missed you. >> a dream come true. >> i'm shaking i'm so overwhelmed by the turn out. >> he serve add tour in iraq and another in afghanistan
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before volunteering for a third tour also in afghanistan. >> i haven't seen her in two and a half years. and she's grown. it's amazing. i don't know what to say. >> i don't want to grow up without a dad so just knowing that he can come home safely is just the greatest. i missed you so much. >> i miss you had too. >> he'll be here for a week and says he's thankful to be back on american soil. i asked him what he's looking forward to. he says mary's pizza for dinner. channel two news. the wounded bay area soldier will soon be able to get around his house more easily thanks to low val volunteer. today volunteers from hands on bay area home depot and pinnacle housing began building a ramp and making the bathroom more accessible. he and his wife have been living in mountain view to be
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close to his rehab center. today a crowd celebrate add ground breaking. assemblyman jerry hill were on hand this morning the project will double the hospital's size with more than 150 new patient rooms and other state of the article facilities the $1.2 billion facility is set to open in december of 2016. some treasure island residents say they're concerned about a letter they received august 31st from the treasure island development authority. that letter says additional parts of the island may have been contaminated but said there was no danger. the san francisco board of supervisors is set to take up this issue on tuesday. and they'll discuss how it could affect development on the island. drew peterson was found guilty of killing his third wife. this was the soon outside the courtroom. as the crowd gathered to hear
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the guilty verdict. he was convicted of first degree murder in 2004 for the death of his wife kathleen savio he's also suspected in the disappearance of his fourth wife stacie peterson. peterson faces up to 60 years in prison. teaming up with probation agent this is morning to check on parolees. they targeted patrol lees with known gang affiliation. they were looking for guns drugs and other gang members. authorities made at least two arrests one for drugs the other for a firearm possession. a recall of raw organic milk is under way over bacterial contamination. grade a raw milk. raw skim milk and raw cream produced by organic pasteurs dairy. are being re called they have the date code of september 13th routine tests confirmed the presence of a bacteria that
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can cause intestinal illness. no one's reporting getting sick and consumers are urged to throw the product away. a fast food franchise is under fire again this time for prejudice. >> we hire from our local communities. and our restaurants reflect the demographics of that community. protesters sounded off inside a new pueblo grocery store on san jose sorry road this morning. the 21 chain store plans to start using the e verify program. to check whether workers are eligible to work in the u.s. immigrant rights groups say they're organizing a boycott. >> the system is implemented against latinos. people who sound or look different. so we believe that this is antiimmigrant. >> a pueblo spokeswoman said it
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implemented the system under pressure from homeland security. clothing store h and m has planned to move into a bigger store. the retailer says the new store will be house in the old borders bookstore location it will be triple the size of the current h and m store it's set to up september 27th. andy warhol is getting ready to cash in on his holdings. he plans to sell its entire collection of more than 20,000 workers at auction starting in november. the title wave of art work for sale will sink the market for the pop art pioneer. kristi says it will space out the sales over several years warhol died in 1987. some might call this the sound of san francisco. coming up the bells ring again and again in a popular bell
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ringing battle. and a strange summer storm has come and gone. meteorologist will tell us about a warm up just in time for the weekend. ♪ [ ukulele strumming ]
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. >> 1300 firefighters are at the scene of two firefighters
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burning in calusa county. they started in the rumsy county area. the road is closed between the town of rumsy and highway 20. at this point the flames are ten percent contained. president obama has just taken the stage in charlotte north carolina. he'll be officially accepting his party's nomination in the november election. president obama's speech will just about culminate the convention's festivities along with the benediction from new york arch bishop timothy dolan president obama has yet to speak but the delegates are fired up for the conclusion of this event. this event the taking place in a smaller venue than originally scheduled. we have ken prithete live in charlotte. we will check in with our meteorologist, mark. and he's going to talk to us about this weather. >> yesterday we had showers and thunderstorms. things beginning to stabilize.
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in fact, right now mostly clear skies. the latest on the maps you can see on last storm tracker rain showers beginning to move out of state right now. lower clouds offshore and the low clouds will continue to bump up. at least approach the coastline as we head into the over night hours. temperatures from this afternoon range from 60 in pacifica warmest locations in the mid to upper 80s. anioch in the mid 80s. mostly clear skies. coastal fog developing. tomorrow will be warmer. the weekend patchy morning fog. we'll call it nice for the over all weekend. coolest locations once again in the upper 40s in the north bay. but lots of 50s to start out your friday. the thunderstorms have been moving to the east. over all a dry weather forecast. as high pressure returns that will set the stage for a warming trend. that means temperatures inland in the 80s even approaching the 90-degree mark. the forecast model showing
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this. some patchy fog near the coast. partly to mostly sunny skies into the afternoon hours. the orange contours link up at the 80s. the warmest locations reach the upper 80s to at 90 degrees for your friday afternoon. san jose around 80. free month in the upper 70s. san francisco patchy fog in the morning. your five day forecast with your weekend in view. saturday the warmest. minor cooling by sunday. >> the sound of music and bell ringing filled the air at san francisco's union square. this it was 49th annual car cable bell ringing contest. it's a competition for cable carmen and conduct torres as well as an amateur contest. the professional winner was trenny whitaker. we'll see you the next time news break. our coverage continues with the 10:00 news and tonight the hot
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jobs right now the bay area. companies that are actively recruiting and the incentives they're offering. we're always here for you at ktvu. com and tmz is up next. right here on tv 36.
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